We Give

We give out of obedience to scripture, we give our of a sense of gratitude, and we give in the knowledge that God will use these temporary, finite resources to build an eternal, infinite Kingdom. Before we explain to you how to write a check or how to give online, it is far more important that you know why we encourage you to give to God by giving to the church. To put it simply, we give because that is what God has told us to do.

Ways to Give

We are so grateful for the faithful believers who continue to give during this time of disruption. Here are the ways you can give to the church:

– Mail a check to the church at 1550 Market Street NE, Salem, OR, 97301.
– Use the Bill-Pay option from your bank to have a check mailed to the church. This can be set up as a recurring donation or a one-time gift.
– Click the link below to give online.

If you have any questions, please contact Bertie in the church office at 503.581.3680 during office hours. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Salem Foundation

The Salem Nazarene Foundation is dedicated to helping people invest in the ministry of Salem First Church of the Nazarene. The Legacy Fund is established for use by ministries of Salem First Nazarene and is managed by the Salem Nazarene Foundation. The Foundation offers a variety of ways to give tax-deductible gifts for local, regional, and international ministries, from one-time gifts to sustainable gifts designed to last for years. These funds are invested and generate further income. Many people choose to give as a way to honor the memory of a loved one. Others use the Foundation as a way to give a gift that will be invested and continue to bless a ministry for years to come.

We appreciate your interest. Please feel free to contact us with questions or for additional information. Email [email protected] or call the church office at 503.581.3680.