For Students In Grades 6-12

Our youth group exists to provide a place where all students can feel welcome and experience the love of God. We like connecting and having fun together through various events including summer camps, New Years Eve celebrations, beach trips, BBQs, night games at the church (they’re awesome!) and much more! These fun events are designed to create an environment where students feel connected and known, enabling us to launch into discussions about God and his purpose for our life. Life can be messy and we aren’t afraid to embrace the messiness teens face. If we can’t talk about hard things at church, where are we going to talk about them? Our desire is to walk with students as they discover God’s love and the purpose and value He created them with.

When do we meet?

Sundays from 9:00-10:15am
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm

Where do we meet?

The Youth Room! Students can enter directly into the youth hallway through the double glass doors on the east side of our church.

What does a Sunday look like?

Sundays are geared towards our Church going students. Sundays start off with some relaxed hangout time. Then we dive into reading the Bible together. We go deep and give lots of background information to help students understand the Bible better. We end Sundays by sharing the good and bad things about our weeks and praying for each other.

Don’t miss our pancake breakfast on the first Sunday of every month!

What does a Wednesday look like?

Wednesdays are designed for everyone to feel welcome. We always begin youth group with a fun game or activity. We move to a short teaching time exploring how the Bible deals with topics teenagers are facing. Then we conclude with small groups so we can hear what you think! Yes we actually want to hear what teenagers think. Small groups are a place to talk about the hard things, share the fun things, and carry the weight of life with others.

Upcoming Events

We have two summer camp opportunities coming up!

Middle School Camp - July 15th - 19th
High School Camp - July 28th - August 2nd

We can't wait to welcome everyone to CHURCH CAMP: Game On this summer! Get ready for a unique blend of modern challenges and classic game show excitement, creating an unforgettable experience where every moment is a chance to win big! Our hope is that every attendee will find new friendships, deepen their faith, and experience the incredible love of Jesus.

Contact Pastor Josh at [email protected] for more info including payment details

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Josh Geier, Youth Ministry Pastor


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