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At Salem First Naz, we believe that God has called us to make a difference.








We Serve Because He Served

Throughout the life of Jesus, we see him model serving. Jesus gives us the perfect example of living a life serving others. As Mark 10:45 explains, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Our savior did not come seeking to be served, but instead, He continually served those the world so often rejected.

We serve our world, first and foremost, because of all that Jesus did, and does, for us. The love he daily pours into our own hearts must find a place to flow, for it is meant to be shared. Service is the conduit through which that love flows.

Come And Serve With Us


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We partner with several local organizations to serve the Salem-area community.

Find out more about each of them at the links below:

Hope Station Community Services:

“Many organizations assist individuals and families whose salaries are below the state poverty line. These families draw help from numerous local resources. Sadly, hundreds of hardworking people who earn just slightly above that line don’t have the same access to assistance. These are the people we want to help."

“Additionally, our government system often becomes an enabler for people to remain on assistance indefinitely. They do not equip or encourage individuals to improve their lives."

“By asking our clients to pay a small monthly fee and volunteer just two hours of their time a month, we foster responsibility and a sense of ownership. Our desire is to provide a hand up, not a hand out. “

Salvation Army:

“To build a community where everyone is given the opportunity to live a better life.”

Our local branch of the Salvation Army operates in both Marion and Polk counties. They offer a variety of programs to assist individuals and families including Christmas assistance; family services and emergency assistance; a transitional shelter; and scholarships to the KROC center for classes and other opportunities.

Salem Union Gospel Mission:

“Our Mission: Helping men, women and children break free from homelessness through the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.

“Partnering with churches, individuals and organizations to maximize our effectiveness, we help the neediest of our community break the cycle of homelessness, addiction and incarceration as men and women experience dynamic transformation in following Christ, and become contributing members of our community.”


Our church participates internationally in many different areas


Each year, we send some of our members out to serve


This program allows us to help children become educated, receive stable meals and medical care, and learn about Jesus while knowing someone in a different country cares about them. Learn more here:


Connecting Nazarene missionaries with church communities around the world.

Our LINKS missionaries are Dave and Carolita Fraley. They’ve recently retired from thirty years working as missionaries in France, and now live in Idaho. As they said in their letter, they plan to be missionaries wherever they live and in whatever area God gives them to serve. Most recently, they served as temporary pastors of a church in Idaho, but are now praying over what God has for them in the future. Please pray for them in their spiritual walk, as well as their boys and grandkids.

We also partner with the Nazarene network of churches around the world to do a lot of work in world missions. A percentage of our budget each year goes towards these global mission efforts including radio broadcasts, food security efforts, pastoral training, and medical care. You can find out more about these projects on the Nazarene Missions International page here:

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