As a church, our goal is to help you connect with God, connect with others, and connect with the World. Our Young Adult Ministry is no different. We provide many different opportunities to make these connections, all that you need to do is show up and take part in making these vital connections a reality in your life!

We help you connect with others through outreach events. The goal of these times is just to have fun and get to know each other. There is no expectation here apart from hanging out and being yourself. Whether it is one of our summer hiking trips, monthly sport events, or fun things like trivia nights, we want these to be the events that you invite your friends to so we can grow our community of young adults.

We help you connect with God through groups and worship nights. We don't have a regular monthly young adult service, instead 10:45 on Sunday mornings is our Young Adult service! (Sit with us in the west wing of the auditorium.) We also frequently offer growth groups, groups that meet for a set amount of weeks and cover a specific topic, as a next step into our community and to grow in your connection with God. To find real deep community and discipleship, join a young adult life group! Finally, if you are serious about growing in your relationship with God you will not want to miss our worship nights where we experience awesome moves of the Holy Spirit.

We help you connect with the world through missional focused events. In the next couple of years, we will go on a missions trip to another country to serve and bless people who don't know Christ. Until then, we are focused on growing in our missional mindset by creating an atmosphere for evangelism and helping you share the Gospel with friends and coworkers who do not know Christ. Join us as we partner with local missions organizations to bring Jesus to Salem!


Bryant Ashton - March 2022

Bryant Ashton, Young Adults Pastor



The Young Adult ministry at SFN is for anyone post high school and older (we usually say age
18 to 30 something.) That is a big range!

You may be wondering what a freshly graduated 18 year old has in common with a 27 year old who has a career and a kid. Believe it or not you are connected by one thing: transition. That is the factor that makes the time in life called “young adulthood” different from the rest. You are constantly facing transition after transition. First, it is life out of high school and becoming self-sufficient. Maybe you move to a new city and go through different jobs. Maybe you go to college. Maybe you begin dating, get married, and shortly after, have kids. Transition after transition marks this season of our lives.

There is one constant: God’s hand in our life guiding us through this turbulent time. Even though there is a big age and experience gap between young adults, you can still connect with Young Adults for worship nights, hiking trips, and campfires and have a great time. It is important to interact with people who are in the same specific phase of life that you are in. That is why a large part of Young Adults is groups. There are two different types of groups; Growth Groups are focused on a specific topic or series and meets for a set amount of weeks. Life Groups are the people who are in your corner fighting for you and praying for you week after week. By focusing on groups, Young Adults are able to divide up the big age range so that you can have conversations with people that are more relevant to your phase in life.

Join Young Adults for any event where you can grow in community and in your relationship with God!

Bryant Ashton - June 2021 Updated March 2022
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